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 Gary A. Clark is a top professional copywriter in the Colorado Springs, Colorado Professional Copywriting guide on WordWorker.com.


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I understand the challenges facing a small business:

  • Mass advertising costs are increasing while their effectiveness is decreasing

  • Geographic farming is unpredictable and very expensive.

  • Cold calling turns people off, is tough to do and often devaluates your professionalism

  • New privacy guidelines and "do not call" legislation is making things more difficult.

  • Too many of the leads youíre getting are duds.

  • You can't stay focused on your initial objectives.  Your running your one person show straight into the ground.


You also know that putting off marketing is going to cost you more later on.  And the bottom line is that you have to work hard to get sales.


Web Content
Why put Web Content and Marketing together on the same page? Because if worked properly, much of your marketing - will depend on your website. But this is where companies miss the boat.
Content is still King
Why are the right words in a website so very important?
The magic 15 seconds. Thatís all it takes for your reader or visitor to decide if they want to read your material, or click on to the next web site. If you don't think this is important, ask yourself if your site is selling as well as it could be? Are you getting the rate of return on you marketing material that you desire?
If the answer is no, or I don't think so, then chances are, you need to make some revisions.

Gene Fowler once said: "Writing is easy. All you have to do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead."
If you think of all the times you have sat down to write that perfect letter, tried to get just the right words in your web site, then you know that - using the above analogy - getting that first 15 seconds down so that it captures the readers attention will cause you to hemorrhage.
Request a review of your website by clicking here. I will send you a confidential evaluation that will discuss suggested changes, ideas, and tips for making your site a seller.


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