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Is Your Website Failing You

No matter how much you spend on SEO, if your site doesn’t sell, you fail

My first task is to write optimized buying keywords.  When your customer clicks through to your site, YOU want them to pick up the phone and either call for an appointment or order something.  Anything else and you are wasting money.  

Good SEO is critical to a website.  Effective SEO is better.  The problem is, if all you do is optimize a page with keywords, you will for the most part fail.  Why?  Because your site  “tells” but it doesn't “sell.” 

Business site owners, drawn into this black hole of Pay per click and SEO , are led to believe that SEO is going to solve all of their marketing problems when in fact they have a website that fails at the first requirement and that is the ability to answer the customers needs.   

Bottom line is this.  As long as there are search engines, your website must be optimized.   By itself however, your optimized site will fail if it tells but doesn’t sell.  If this makes sense to you and you have been dissatisfied with the results of your website up until this point, then call me.  Let’s talk about what you expect and what can be delivered. 

Gary Clark - 719-209-1236