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Sales People Wanted - Training Within

Sales People Wanted - Training Within  (e-book)

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  • You’re out of work and you’re not blessed with natural sales ability, nor do you have any sales training. Yet, some are very lucrative sales positions are in the paper and yet, you can’t take advantage of them.

  • What do you do when you open your new business but customers are not buying?

  • What do you say when you are selling and a customer says “I’d like to think about it.?”

  • You are lucky enough to get an interview and yet you blow it because you can't sell yourself.  How can you change this?.

Sales People Wanted – Training Within is a no B.S. guide written for the person looking for a recession proof career. The ability to sell is a skill that is always in demand and once learned – will allow you to have a job anytime, anywhere. Single, married, just getting started or even a seasoned veteran can take advantage of these principles. What I have done here is provide you with a fundamental process. I have cut through the BS and kept the information simple and targeted. Armed with this knowledge and a little practice, you can sell anything, anytime, anywhere, including yourself at your next job interview. 


All Books are available at my Lulu.com bookstore.  Click on the title and order your copy today. 
SEO Marketing Kit

SEO Marketing Kit (e-book)

By: David Ashley - Journey Internet and Gary Clark - Write4Me.net

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu. 

Search engines, ranking, ad words, key words, SEO, all of this means confusion to most everyone who has a website and who want to see it ranked on a search engine high enough to be seen. Even veteran site designers get confused by the many requirements. The site designers who are smart use checklist each and every time they design a site. Where does the layman get such a checklist that is easy to use - complete with links and "how to use" advice? Right here in one easy to use kit. This is a DIY tool kit for SEO Marketing. Unlike many SEO books on the market, we give you the tools right up front. The request we heard most often was “make it easy for me, I want (need) to do it myself. Just give me the facts and let me manage my own site.” No more mysterious so-called ‘SEO secrets’ or ‘SEO tricks’, no more confusing and conflicting information from internet searches for SEO. Furthermore, (and best of all) we have left out nothing; all the essential information you need to succeed with SEO is here.


Writing Copy as a Career

Writing Copy as a Career  (e-book)

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Unemployed, under-employed, or looking for that lucrative career you can take anywhere, then this is the book for you. Discover the simple and proven Step-By-Step methods and techniques to creating sales copy. Learn the methods and the business of a copywriter.


Show Low

Show Low Show Low (Novel)

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu. 

She is a 38 year old widow and heir to 350 acres of pristine Arizona  ranchland.  She realizes that the repairs on the land are more then she can do by herself, she sets out to find a ranch hand to help her.  He is the young athletic 6'1", 185# hitchhiker she hires.   As the work progresses, more then the normal Arizona heat builds and even after work swims at the pond do little to cool off the desires that he awakens within her.  When he steps in as protector between her and the towns crooked land developer, lines are crossed and the town of Show Low, Arizona is involved in the turmoil between those who have and those who want all they can take.  This is the first book in the hitchhiker series, offering a cornerstone of understanding for the man, the people surrounding him and the philosophy that drive him.     


Writing to be Read

Writing to be Read  (e-book)


You write, but what you write is not read by anyone. The information is there, but no one understands it. Sound familiar? Anyone who has the need to communicate in a logical – clear manner can remove much of the anxiety of writing, by simply knowing some basic principles.